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Beauty resources and trends are constantly changing and can be hard to stay abreast of. Whether you have basic questions on how to apply and buy makeup or more specific inquiries like where to find destination spas, this guide helps you use the Internet as your ultimate source for beauty information.

Tips and Trends

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Buying Beauty Products Online

Why wait in long lines at department stores when you can explore hundreds of available products at home? Whether you're looking for regular pharmacy items, designer makeup, or organic shampoo, the sites in this section cover your bases.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Makeup color and perfume scents can be hard to discern on your computer. Before ordering makeup or a specific perfume online, visit a store to find out if the product is right for you. Another way to be confident in online orders is to select samples when making a purchase. If you like your sample products, buy them the next time you shop online. Some sites, such as, let you add samples to your purchase for free.
  • If you normally experience allergic reactions or irritations from beauty products, you may find the natural and organic Web sites listed below to be helpful. To learn the difference between "natural" and "organic," see the USDA's organic guidelines.
  • Blogs and newsletters can be great objective sources for product reviews because the individual consumers writing them are free of promotional obligations. Be mindful, however, that users have not necessarily tested all types of products, so their reviews can be limited. Below we suggest some blogs that have product reviews written by users like you.

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