Back Pain


Back Pain

According to the Patient Education Institute Inc. and National Library of Medicine, back pain is “one of the most common medical problems in the U.S.” The back and spine are complex structures, and when everyday issues like poor posture and physical inflexibility can lead to pain, it’s not surprising that the condition is as widespread as it is. This guide helps you understand the causes of back pain, find relief and prevent the pain from coming back.

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is not a disorder, it’s a symptom that has many causes, among which are natural ... read more »

Back Pain Relief

Maybe you had a back spasm when you picked up a box, or you have a continuous dull ache in your ... read more »

Preventing Back Pain

Maintaining a good posture while standing and sitting, and lifting objects correctly, are among the ... read more »

Support for Back Pain

Whether your pain is chronic or acute, you can benefit from the advice and emotional support ... read more »

Back Pain News and Research

Research into back problems and treatment continues, with new articles and journals being published ... read more »

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