Explaining Alzheimer's Disease to Children


Alzheimer's Disease: More than Just Memory Loss

If you or someone close to you has Alzheimer's disease, chances are you're asking questions about the condition faster than your doctor can answer them. The Internet gives you access to information, outside of office hours, that enables you to find quick answers to urgent questions, and also helps you ask doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals the right questions. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.

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Explaining Alzheimer's Disease to Children

It's important for your children to realize why Grandma, Grandpa, or the beloved lady next door is acting differently. Most children will be receptive to a clear and informed explanation, tailored to their understanding. If they are taught about Alzheimer's and methods of coping, they can usually be counted on to respond maturely. Furthermore, children have vivid imaginations and without proper explanations, they may come up with their own explanations or reasons for the changes they are seeing. To prevent self-blame, misunderstandings, or fear, take the time to discuss this issue. The more children understand, the less they have to fear.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Associations are often your best bet in helping children learn about Alzheimer's disease. They provide information in a clear, practical manner so that you can relay information to your children in basic terms.
  • Local association chapters can be very helpful in suggesting strategies to guide your children, such as activities you can do together to facilitate their understanding and healing.

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