Background on Addiction

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The activities, chemicals and processes that can prove physically or psychologically addictive are vast. Products containing nicotine, alcohol and caffeine; illicit drugs such as cocaine and heroin; gambling; sex; and even video games are known to cause dependence. Use the Addiction Web Guide to find the Web’s top resources on different types of addictions, along with general resources for getting addiction help.

Background on Addiction

An addiction is an overpowering urge to abuse a particular substance or engage in a particular activity. This physical or emotional dependence causes addicts to seek fuel for their addictions in compulsive ways, often sacrificing some combination of health, safety, relationships, employment and financial stability. Use the sites below to find background information on addiction, including issues such as causes, diagnosis and treatment.

Insights for Addiction

  • The Web sites of national health institutes, addiction treatment centers, support groups, mental health organizations and online health sites offer excellent information on addiction. This directory from Web of Addictions is a great place for browsing these types of sites.
  • General health sites, like those found in the findingDulcinea Health Web Guide, have articles covering different kinds of addiction. Most all include information on drug addiction, with some also covering compulsive gambling, sex addiction, alcoholism and others.

Top Sites for Addiction

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