Acne: From Acne Causes to Acne Treatments

Though acne is a common skin disease—60–70% of people are affected by acne at some point in their lives—those with persistent acne can feel very alone: feelings of isolation, depression and social inhibition frequently occur with acne. Yet there’s no need to suffer alone anymore. Use the Acne Web Guide to research acne treatment in the privacy of your home, find the latest news and research on acne, and connect with a community of other acne sufferers through online support groups.

Acne Causes

Understanding the cause of acne is the first step toward treating it. Unfortunately, there’s ... read more »

Acne Treatment

Whether you’re a teenager with acne who’s been told, “You’ll outgrow ... read more »

Acne Help

Gone are the days when you had to suffer alone with your acne. The Web makes it easy to find ... read more »

Acne Research and News

Read the latest acne research and news headlines on the Web. read more »

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