Talking to Your Doctor About Your Health

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Your Health, In Your Hands

Most people would like to be well-informed health consumers, but finding credible, reliable, freely accessible health information on the Web can be a challenge. The Health Web Guide helps you locate online medical dictionaries and encyclopedias, health-specific search engines, thorough overviews of illnesses, injuries, diseases and conditions, and advice on seeking professional medical help. A Spanish-language version of the Health Web Guide is also available.

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Health Insurance

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Talking to Your Doctor About Your Health

Talking to your doctor about your health can be enhanced with a little preparation. This includes attempting to diagnose a condition as well as reviewing your treatment options. By educating yourself on your condition and knowing what important questions to ask, you can position yourself to play a part in the management of your medical issues.

Insights for Talking to Your Doctor About Your Health

  • If you or a loved one has a disease or injury, use the Web to research your treatment options. Mayo Clinic's "Diseases and Conditions" section is a good place to start for many disorders.
  • No one is ever prepared for a bad diagnosis. A woman who has received three has written a book, "AfterSchock," full of advice on how patients, health professionals and family members can best deal with bad medical news.
  • Researching health information on the Internet can help you better understand your doctor's advice and learn how to take better care of yourself. But information is not a substitute for a doctor's advice, based on an in-person examination and evaluation. A few hours of Internet research will never be a substitute for visiting a doctor when you have a serious illness or injury.

Top Sites for Talking to Your Doctor About Your Health

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