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Most people would like to be well-informed health consumers, but finding credible, reliable, freely accessible health information on the Web can be a challenge. The Health Web Guide helps you locate online medical dictionaries and encyclopedias, health-specific search engines, thorough overviews of illnesses, injuries, diseases and conditions, and advice on seeking professional medical help. A Spanish-language version of the Health Web Guide is also available.

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Health Insurance

Anyone not covered by an employer's insurance policy appreciates what a luxury health care can be. In this section we'll lay out your health insurance options as clearly as possible and direct you to sites that effectively describe your insurance choices.

Insights for Health Insurance

  • A good place to start is at the Webby Award-winning health insurance site The site’s help center has an extensive list of frequently asked questions accompanied by helpful, authoritative answers. It covers the basics of individual and family insurance, small business health insurance, short-term health insurance, student health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance and health savings accounts.
  • If you're unemployed or uninsured, you have a variety of options for obtaining health care coverage. Here are a few concepts and suggestions to get you started.
  • The most basic option for the unemployed is to explore different types of individual or family health insurance. Learn what different plans are available, how they work and what they'll cost. Most introductory questions are answered in the site mentioned above.
  • Medicaid is a federal program that provides medical care and health services to certain low-income individuals. If you're over the age of 65, pregnant or disabled, you may be eligible for Medicaid.
  • Insurance laws and policies, including COBRA and Medicaid coverage, differ between states. After familiarizing yourself with the basics of insurance, consult a state-specific insurance guide. These can be found at For additional questions or clarification on any issues, speak with a state insurance agent. Use this directory to find the official home of your state's department of insurance. Once there, use the resources on the site, or use the contact information provided to get in touch with someone who can be of more help.
  • If you're not covered by COBRA, Medicaid or any other special program, and you're strapped financially, you might want to consider purchasing a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). An HDHP, sometimes referred to as "catastrophic" health insurance, will protect the insured against costs associated with extreme illness or injury, but won't cover minor doctor visits or expenses, due to the high deductible. Read this article from to learn about the pros and cons of "catastrophic" health insurance.
  • Another cost-effective option to consider is opening a Health Savings Account (HSA). HSAs function similarly to IRAs in that the money directed into them is nontaxable and is earmarked for a specific purpose—in this case, paying for health insurance. Of course there is flexibility, and should you need the cash, it can be withdrawn from the account (under the condition that it then becomes taxable).
  • For information on how to obtain free or discounted prescription drugs, see the “Learning About Medicines” section of this guide.

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