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Your Health, In Your Hands

Most people would like to be well-informed health consumers, but finding credible, reliable, freely accessible health information on the Web can be a challenge. The Health Web Guide helps you locate online medical dictionaries and encyclopedias, health-specific search engines, thorough overviews of illnesses, injuries, diseases and conditions, and advice on seeking professional medical help. A Spanish-language version of the Health Web Guide is also available.

Evaluating Online Health Information

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Top Health Web Sites

The Web is host to a substantial number of reliable, comprehensive health sites. If you know what type of information you're looking for, chances are you'll be able to bypass the search engines altogether and go straight to one of these information portals. Visit the top health Web sites below to supplement your doctor's advice.

Insights for Top Health Web Sites

  • Once you've familiarized yourself with the top health sites on the Web, you may feel comfortable bypassing health search engines and going directly to the information sources. Or use SweetSearch, findingDulcinea's search engine that only searches sites that have been evaluated for reliability.

Top Sites for Health

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For federal government resources …
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