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Tasting, Buying and Storing Wine

If you’ve ever been at a restaurant and felt like a phony when tasting wine, this guide can help. Learn how to select the right bottle, where to order the accessories you need to start a wine collection and get up to speed on proper wine storage techniques. In short, you’ll find everything you need for tasting, buying and storing wine like a pro.

Wine Tasting

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Wine Reviews

Before you invest in wines to try, it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for. Reading wine reviews and tasting notes can help you figure out what your next bottle should be.

Insights for Wine Reviews

  • Your personal taste is the most important element in judging and selecting wines. Don’t feel as though unconventional food and wine pairings are inappropriate or should be avoided.
  • As you read various descriptions of wine, you may come across terms you’re not familiar with. For a basic list of wine vocabulary, visit’s glossary of wine terminology.

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Buying Wine Online

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Wine Storage

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