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Tea: History, Health Benefits and Brewing Techniques

Are you one of the millions of people around the world who drink tea? This ancient preparation dates back to 2737 BCE, when the wandering Chinese emperor Shen Neng discovered leaves in his water and drank the infusion with delight. Our Tea Web Guide offers you a wealth of information through links to the best sites for all things tea. Learn about the history of tea, its different types, various brewing methods, how to have it delivered to your home and the health benefits of tea drinking.

The History of Tea

For thousands of years, people have enjoyed the flavor of white, green, oolong and black teas. The following links explain the history of tea in various areas of the world.

Insights for the History of Tea

  • The history of tea is closely tied to the types of tea grown in specific locations. If you want to learn more about certain forms of black, green or white tea, go to the “Types of Tea” section of this guide.

Top Sites for the History of Tea

For a general overview…
For the history of tea in China and Japan…
For the history of tea in India…
For a history of tea in Britain …
For a history of tea in the Americas…
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Types of Tea

Different regions and climates give rise to different types of tea. Use the sites below to get acquainted with the major varieties of tea, where they come from and the best way to brew them.

Insights for Types of Tea

  • Although you’ll find advice here on how to brew the different varieties of tea listed below, visit the “How to Brew Tea” section for additional advice.
  • Because infusions and tisanes aren't made with tea leaves but rather with herbs, flowers and dried fruit, they aren't officially considered teas. See the “For herbal teas, infusions and tisanes” subsection below for specific examples.

Top Sites for Types of Tea

For a summary of different types of tea …
For white tea…
For green tea…
For black tea…
For oolong tea…
For herbal teas, infusions and tisanes …
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How to Brew Tea

There’s more to brewing tea than simply boiling water. The following sites show you how to brew tea and can clarify which pot and brewing method will suit your tea-drinking tastes.

Insights for How to Brew Tea

  • If you need more information about brewing times or methods for specific types of tea, revisit the sites listed above for the particular tea type that interests you.
  • Remember that certain teas need different water temperatures to brew properly. If you want to get your timing exactly right, use a thermometer and a timer.

Top Sites for How to Brew Tea

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Where to Buy Tea Online

The Internet has made it easier than ever to buy tea online. Use the following sites to stock up on blends, or to buy pots and cups.

Insights for Where to Buy Tea Online

  • If you see tea displayed in glass jars at a brick-and-mortar store, steer clear: Exposure to light damages the properties of tea leaves. Be sure to store your own tea properly.
  • If you want to get the full flavor of tea, brew it with loose leaves. Tea in a bag usually cannot fully expand the way that loose leaves in a pot can.

Top Sites for Where to Buy Tea Online

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Health Benefits of Tea

Although people have believed in the health benefits of tea for millennia, modern science has only recently focused its attention on the physical properties that make tea so nutritious and beneficial.

Insights for the Health Benefits of Tea

  • If you’re taking medication, or have health issues or food sensitivities, consult with your doctor before you begin drinking tea in large quantities.

Top Sites for the Health Benefits of Tea

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