The History of Liquor

Liquor and Cocktails

Liquor and Cocktails

No matter how much you know about or enjoy your beverage of choice, there’s always more to learn about the latest news and trends in creation and consumption. Our Liquor and Cocktails Web Guide helps you understand mixology, buy liquor online, learn liquor terms and stay up-to-date on the most popular cocktails and how to make them. Discover what you’ll need for a perfectly stocked bar, or find out how to become a bartender through the sites in this guide.

The History of Liquor

The following sites offer a general overview of the history of liquor and its cultural background. You’ll also learn about some classic cocktails and how they are made.

Insights for the History of Liquor

  • You’ll find a number of blogs in the sites below. If you like what you see, have a look at the blogroll of each site for more recommendations. Visit the findingDulcinea Blogs Web Guide for more information about evaluating blogs.

Top Sites for the History of Liquor

For general liquor knowledge …
For news and blogs about liquor …
For an entertaining look at alcohol history …
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Buying Liquor Online

The number of exotic liquors and specialty drinks has exploded in recent times. Luckily, you can use the Internet to buy liquor online and find almost anything you need for your favorite libation.

Insights for Buying Liquor Online

  • Laws regulating the sale and shipment of alcohol vary from state to state. Before you spend a long time browsing products, check to see if you’re allowed to buy liquor online and have it sent to your zip code.
  • If you’re looking for a specialty bottle or brand not listed here, go to the next section of this guide, “Types of Liquor." Most of these specialized sites also sell liquor, or point you to distributors.

Top Sites for Buying Liquor Online

For online liquor stores …
For drinking and bar accessories …
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Types of Liquor

Learn the distinctions between major types of liquor, including how different liquors are brewed, what hues and flavors categorize them, and with which cuisines and cultures they are most associated.

Insights for Types of Liquor

  • Brandy enthusiasts will be delighted to read about the health benefits of brandy from the Bio-Medicine Web portal.
  • Many of the sites below offer interactive options. Be in touch with the community of liquor lovers for news about tastings, events and recommendations.

Top Sites for Types of Liquor

To learn about bourbon …
To learn about brandy, cognac and armagnac …
To learn about gin …
To learn about rum … 
To learn about scotch and whiskey …
To learn about tequila and mezcal …
To learn about vodka …
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Cocktail Recipes

Mixing drinks is as scientific a process as it is creative. Learn the chemistry and imagination that goes into the perfect cocktail, and find cocktail recipes to make your favorites at home.

Insights for Cocktail Recipes

  • Be advised that if a site’s ingredient list only recommends one brand, the site may be promotional, not unbiased or comprehensive.
  • Have you invented a drink that simply must be shared? Most of the following sites let you submit your own recipes, and they may even reward your ingenuity with prizes.

Top Sites for Cocktail Recipes

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Bartending Schools

If you’re ready to take your love of liquor to the next step and become a professional bartender, the following sites can help you get started with bartending schools and educational options.

Insights for Bartending Schools

  • Many people argue that all you need are good looks and/or connections to get a job at a bar. But if you want to have a wide variety of options in the field, attend bartending school and get certified—even if you do have a movie star face and a friend in the industry.
  • Although you can get certified via the Web, there is a lot to be said for making drinks under the tutelage of an experienced bartending teacher. Getting firsthand practice through a bartending school can make it less terrifying when you are actually behind a bar for the first time.

Top Sites for Bartending Schools

For bartending schools …
For online courses …
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