The History of Italian Food

Italian Food and Cuisine

Italian Food and Cuisine

Besides helping you appreciate the Italian food served at your favorite restaurant, this Italian Food and Cuisine Web Guide shows you how to prepare your own Italian cuisine and understand the customs behind it. Get lots of reviews for easy Italian recipes, along with some regional favorites. You’ll even find resources for Italian cooking classes and connect with fellow Italian food enthusiasts who host blogs and personal Web sites.

The History of Italian Food

In addition to explaining the basic traditions and history of Italian food, these sites outline the regional variations in Italian cuisine. Discover the dining traditions, ingredients and flavors specific to each part of Italy.

Insights for the History of Italian Food

  • As you explore the different cuisine types in Italy, you may encounter words or dishes that you don’t recognize. Use a glossary of Italian food terms to clarify any questions.

Top Sites for the History of Italian Food

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Italian Recipes

The following sites present Italian recipes with photos and video tutorials to walk you through the cooking process. You’ll find easy Italian recipes and more advanced options for the experienced Italian cook.

Insights for Italian Recipes

  • Keep a conversion chart on hand as you read Italian recipes. You’ll need it to convert the metric units often called for by international recipes into U.S. standard measurements. 
  • If you’re interested in learning more about Italian wine, visit findingDulcinea’s Wine Web Guide to find lots of information on regional wines from all over the world, including Italy.

Top Sites for Italian Recipes

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Italian Cooking Classes

Looking to take Italian cooking classes? Below you’ll find some of the leading Italian cooking school Web sites, and organizations that offer cooking trips where you can take food and wine tours or cooking classes in Italy.

Insights for Italian Cooking Classes

  • If taking a wine or beer tour appeals to you, see findingDulcinea’s Web Guides to Wine and Beer. You’ll find vineyard and brewery information to keep in mind next time you plan a trip.
  • If you’re traveling to Italy to attend an Italian cooking class or participate in a food and wine tour, go to findingDulcinea’s Italy Travel Web Guide for additional travel resources. 

Top Sites for Italian Cooking Classes

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Italian Food Blogs

Italian food blogs offer an array of recipes, often accompanied by photos and user comments. In addition to recipes, these Italian food blogs come with a healthy dose of appreciation for Italian cuisine, and mouthwatering photos.

Insights for Italian Food Blogs

  • Blogs are often a great source of other blogs; look at the blogrolls of the blogs below to discover other valuable culinary resources.
  • If you try a recipe suggested by one of these Italian food blogs, don’t be shy about posting your response. Your feedback may benefit other users. Be sure to check user comments before trying a recipe and see if they offer useful advice.

Top Italian Food Blogs

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