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Hosting a Party: Ideas, Recipes, Drinks and More

If you're interested in hosting a party everyone will enjoy, the Hosting a Party Web Guide is sure to help. Whether you're throwing a multi-course formal dinner party, a Halloween costume ball or a casual gathering of friends for Super Bowl Sunday, this guide points you to the best resources on the Web. Learn where to find invitation designs, party themes, menus, party food and drinks, and lots more.

Party Themes and Party Ideas

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Party Invitations

If you want to spend your days designing handmade party invitations, stuffing envelopes and affixing stamps, go ahead. But you’ll lose valuable time that could be spent on planning your actual party. Use the Internet for creative party invitation ideas, and then send your party invitations online, instantly. You’ll be able to manage your guest list easily, and most online party invitation services also offer printable maps: Never get called by a panicky, lost guest again!

Insights for Party Invitations

  • You’ll have to register at many of these invitation Web sites but it’s free, and once you’ve done it, you can use the service over and over, and reuse your guest list.
  • If you’re part of a social networking site, use its events notification service to let your friends know about the party you’re planning.

Top Sites for Party Invitations

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Party Food

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Party Drinks

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