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Whether you're a dedicated foodie or just trying to get a weeknight dinner on the table, the Cooking Web Guide takes care of all your cooking needs. Not only does the guide help you find recipes and cooking tips suited to your skills and kitchen ambitions, it also helps make cooking easy, fun and healthy. Find recipes and specialty food items, watch video demonstrations to learn new dishes and techniques, and get ethnic food recipes and more.


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Gourmet Food

Thanks to the Web, you don't have to be Indiana Jones to hunt down the right ingredients. Use the following sites to locate and purchase gourmet food. Buy gourmet products online or find out where to go for new cooking ingredients.

Insights for Gourmet Food

  • Some of the best mail-order catalogs have become the best online outlets for gourmet food items, including spices, bulk recipe staples and equipment.
  • If you're serious about cooking, consider making the investment in quality pantry staples. Gourmet foods such as oils, spices and ethnic seasonings may seem like a splurge but they often have a long shelf life, so they'll be on hand for plenty of uses.
  • Don't be put off by recipes that require you to try out your local ethnic grocer for gourmet food. Usually the most authentic taste is gained by using the most authentic ingredients.

Top Sites for Gourmet Food

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