Ethnic Recipes



Whether you're a dedicated foodie or just trying to get a weeknight dinner on the table, the Cooking Web Guide takes care of all your cooking needs. Not only does the guide help you find recipes and cooking tips suited to your skills and kitchen ambitions, it also helps make cooking easy, fun and healthy. Find recipes and specialty food items, watch video demonstrations to learn new dishes and techniques, and get ethnic food recipes and more.


Recipes litter the Web and a Google search may yield hundreds or more, so how do you choose? ... read more »

Ethnic Recipes

With the help of the Web, the dizzying world of good eats and ethnic recipes are now easier to find than ever before. Read about the ingredients, tools and techniques of ethnic cuisine.

Insights for Ethnic Recipes

  • When faced with an unfamiliar ingredient, enter the name into your favorite search engine to find out more about it. Some ingredients, particularly vegetables and some spices, have different names in different cultures and ethnic cuisines.
  • The importance of fresh ingredients can't be overstated. Don't be afraid to ask your local butcher, fishmonger or produce person for advice on how to pick the best of the best. For advice on choosing fresh produce, take a look at this guide to buying fruits and vegetables.

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