BBQ Recipes

Barbecue and Grilling

Barbecue and Grilling

This complete Barbecue and Grilling Web Guide offers everything from tips on grilling hotdogs and burgers to recipes for barbecued turkey. Learn how to select and set up a grill, how to choose the best cut of meat and where to find tips on making the best marinade. You'll also get an introduction to BBQ distinctions by region and find a whole mess of recipes for BBQ rubs and sauces. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.

BBQ Recipes

Get ready for the really juicy part of barbecuing: marinating the meat. The following resources offer various BBQ recipes, as well as sites dedicated to sauces and rubs.

Insights for BBQ Recipes

  • Like other culinary delights, BBQ sauce differs from region to region. For a look at sauces characteristic of different parts of the U.S., have a glance at this quick guide to BBQ sauces.

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BBQ and Grilling Tips

Cooking over open heat is one of the most straightforward methods of preparing food. But great grilling and perfectly marinated BBQ require attention to detail. The sites below outline some essential grilling tips and grilling techniques for the perfect barbecue.  

Insights for BBQ and Grilling Tips

  • If you’re using this Barbecue and Grilling Web Guide to prepare for a shindig, browse our Hosting a Party Web Guide for entertaining advice and ideas.

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Barbecue Meat

Make the most of your grill by making the most of your barbecue meat. These sites can help you determine which cut is best for your needs: Find out how to identify the most select cuts of beef or pork, and what to ask for at the butcher’s counter.

Insights for Barbecue Meat

  • You don’t have to buy the most expensive cut of meat for barbecue best results. Many of the more economical cuts can be tenderized and marinated to maximize flavor. This is especially true if you plan on marinating your meat in heavy barbecue sauce and cooking it for a long time.
  • This section focuses on selecting beef and pork. If you want advice on picking other ingredients, ask the manager of that section of the grocery store for assistance. For example, a fishmonger can point out the best catch of the day, while someone in the produce aisle can tell you what veggies are in season.

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BBQ Grills

These days, most people barbecue on charcoal, gas or electric grills and smokers. Unless you plan on cooking with a pit or spit, you’re likely to use one of these conventional BBQ grills. The following sites show you how to select the best barbecue grill for your needs, whether you want to heat some steaks over an open flame or slowly smoke pulled pork.

Insights for BBQ Grills

  • Before you splurge on a grill via the Web, visit an actual store to compare grill styles and sizes. You may be surprised by how different grills look in person. Talking face-to-face with a retailer can also help you narrow down the options.
  • Keep an eye out for department store sales on BBQ grills: Catalogs often feature a broad selection of grills and grill tools, even if the store isn’t known for its grilling accessories.

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The History of BBQ

Before you assume barbecue means squirting red sauce out of a bottle and onto a rack of ribs, have a look at these resources detailing the history of barbecue in America. The modern culture of barbecue evolved from the Southern preference for pork; in the 19th century, barbecue was the main attraction at church picnics and at rallies for eager politicians who courted voters by roasting meat in a pit.  

Insights for the History of BBQ

  • Although this Web guide covers both barbecue and grilling, the two are not necessarily synonymous. You’ll find overlapping discussions on tools, cuts of meat and cooking techniques, but a rough distinction is that barbecue is a means of preparing meat, while grilling is primarily a cooking method. 
  • For a look at barbecue and grilling styles across America, try “BBQ USA: 425 Fiery Recipes from All Across America” by Steven Raichlen. The book offers recipes, photos and grilling instructions collected from Raichlen’s quest to discover the nuances of barbecue styles around the United States.

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