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Vietnamese Food and Cuisine

Let the Web help you learn about and enjoy all types of Vietnamese food. Discover the spices needed to create traditional dishes like pho (soup), nuoc mam (fish sauce) and banh chung (rice cakes). This Vietnamese Food and Cuisine Web Guide offers a brief description of Vietnamese food culture, as well as recipes and information on locating hard-to-find Vietnamese ingredients.

Vietnamese Cooking

Get an overview of Vietnamese cooking, including the cultural significance of traditional Vietnamese food and drink, and how meals are prepared and served.

Insights for Vietnamese Cooking

  • To learn about traditional Vietnamese dining customs, read this description of eating and drinking in Vietnam provided by Haivenu, a travel resource.
  • Vietnamese sandwiches known as banh mi are becoming increasingly popular in America; a New York Times article explores the banh mi as New York’s next favorite hero (sandwich, that is). 

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