The History of Korean Food

Korean Food and Cuisine

Korean Food and Cuisine

You don’t have to rely on your local Korean restaurant to fulfill your cravings for Korean food. This comprehensive Korean Food and Cuisine Web Guide shows you where to find recipes you can make at home. In no time you'll have the information and resources you need to create BBQ, kimchi and bibimbap right in your own kitchen. You'll also find cultural information on the traditions and customs surrounding Korean food and cuisine.

The History of Korean Food

The following Web sites highlight the customs and traditions of Korean food, exploring both the history of Korean food and the modernization of Korean cuisine.

Insights for the History of Korean Food

  • Take a lively look at a Westerner's appetite for Korean cooking in “Heart And Seoul,” a 2000 Food & Wine article.
  • The New York Times examines the challenge of packaging a staple of Korean cuisine—the pungent, fermented cabbage known as kimchi—so that it is suitable for space travel.

Top Sites for the History of Korean Food

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Korean Recipes

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