Indian Recipes

Indian Food and Cuisine

Indian Food and Cuisine

Indian food is characterized by a broad range of spices and flavors that may seem hard to replicate, but cooking Indian food at home can be simple. Use this Indian Food and Cuisine Web Guide to find traditional Indian recipes, and stock your kitchen with the necessary herbs and spices. Not interested in preparing your own curry and masala? Not a problem: The Indian Food and Cuisine Web Guide shows you where to find local Indian restaurants or delivery services.

The History of Indian Food

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Indian Recipes

Plenty of sites make it possible to create Indian recipes in your own home. The following resources teach you the basics of Indian cooking, with recipes that highlight the herbs and spices that make Indian food so distinctive. In addition to Indian recipes, you’ll also find lots of Indian cooking techniques.

Insights for Indian Recipes

  • As you read these recipes, you may come across words or ingredients unfamiliar to you. Look at this glossary of Indian foods to clarify any questions.
  • Some popular food Web sites and recipe databases have extensive sections on ethnic dishes, including Indian cuisine. For example, visit Allrecipes and Epicurious for even more Indian recipes, cooking techniques and menus.

Top Sites for Indian Recipes

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Buying Indian Food Online

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