Money management during retirement


Retirement Planning

Whether your retirement is a few decades or a few months away, now is the time to prepare for your postcareer years. While you’re daydreaming of one day surfing the coast of Florida, why not surf the Net for some tips to help you save for retirement?

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Saving for retirement during your career

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Retirement calculators

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Money management during retirement

After you’ve spent decades planning for your retirement, it’d be devastating to find yourself in financial trouble simply because you mismanaged your money during the first few years of your retirement. Depending on how much you save, you might not have to worry much about your spending during your golden years, but a few tips and online tools can give you an idea of how your finances compare to your retirement spending habits and how to make sure you end up with enough in the bank to live comfortably.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you are worried that your funds are running short, consider taking a look at our findingDulcinea Mortgage Guide to see if perhaps a home equity loan or reverse mortgage is an appropriate option for getting additional money during retirement.
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