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Investing in real estate has long been a way for individuals and families to earn supplemental income and enhance their net worth. And, of course, there's great financial potential: if you make the right decisions, you'll reap the financial rewards. Use this guide to get educated, licensed, and set up with houses and real estate resources all from the comfort of your own home.

Real estate investing for beginners

For those new to real estate investing, there are excellent resources online that provide an ... read more »

Buying or selling property online

The Web hosts resources for both the buyer and seller. If you're looking to move a property, ... read more »

Finding a real estate agent

If the idea of going it alone doesn't appeal to you, consider enlisting the services of a real ... read more »

Property values and home inspection

Whether you're buying or selling a property, tools that can calculate estimated market value can ... read more »

Increasing property value

If you've ever seen a home improvement show on television, you know that there are simple steps one ... read more »

Real estate news

One of the keys to successful investing is having access to quality, timely information. By keeping abreast of industry developments and emerging trends, you put yourself in a position to act on properties with confidence, at opportune moments. The publications found in this section are useful companions to any real estate investor.

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  • Many of the sites recommended here are blogs and forums. These sites are of value only because of user contributions to them, so if you have a question or worthwhile piece of advice, post it for the benefit of all. And be sure to go back to the sites you found helpful and add your own advice and war stories.
  • For a smattering of real estate stories from news outlets across the country, explore Topix keeps a running list of the latest stories, and allows you to enter key terms to filter your search.

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