Summer Camp


Summer Camp: Online Tips for Summer Fun

With the thousands of summer camps available, the possibilities may feel endless, but we’ve found some Web sites that should help narrow down your options. In this Web Guide we also share our favorite sites for tips on preparing and packing for camp, the best resources to check for summer camp jobs across the country, and even some Web sites that showcase summer camps just for adults. No matter your summer camp needs, this Web Guide can help you become a happy camper.

Find a Summer Camp

Summer camps have expanded beyond the traditional camps of several years ago (but don’t ... read more »

Choosing a Summer Camp

Choosing a summer camp from among the many traditional and special interest camps out there takes ... read more »

Preparing for Summer Camp

The phrase “happy camper” takes on a more literal meaning when you’re trying to ... read more »

Find a Summer Camp Job

Working at a camp can be a great summer job for teens or college students. We’ve collected ... read more »

Adult Summer Camps

Being grown up doesn’t have to mean that summer camp is a thing of your past, because adults ... read more »

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