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Dog Care

Dog is man’s best friend, we’ve been told. “My dog is a member of the family,” we tell each other. Yet the book “The Truth about Dogs” points out another side of our canine friends: dogs steal the food off our plates, take the best spot on the couch, and routinely destroy our property. Just who is this dog creature, anyway? Perhaps only you, in partnership with your dog, can determine that. But this guide can surely help you find the Web’s best resources for care of this mysteriously lovable pet.

Dog Ownership

Adding a dog to your family is a big step—and a bigger commitment than most people realize. ... read more »

Choosing a Dog

Once you’ve determined you’re ready for a dog, the fun part comes: what kind of pooch ... read more »

Caring for a Dog

There’s a lot that goes into the day-to-day care of a dog, like establishing a daily routine ... read more »

Dog Health Information

Armed with the right resources, there’s a lot you can do to help keep your dog healthy. ... read more »

Buying Dog Supplies Online

Whether you want to save money on flea medication or dog food, find a snazzy dog sweater, or buy a ... read more »

For the Traveling Dog Owner

If you’re of the “have dog, will travel” mindset, you’re in luck: the ... read more »

Dog News, Blogs, and Forums

The Web is overflowing with magazines, blogs, and communities devoted to all things canine. ... read more »

Connect With Dog Owners

If your canine companion isn’t really a dog park kind of guy and you’re just not ... read more »

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