International Adoption


International Adoption

Whether you have already decided to adopt internationally or are first exploring the possibility, the Web can give you an overview of the international adoption process and U.S. international adoption requirements. Online, you'll be able to research countries that have established international adoption programs, learn about the associated costs and how to select a reputable adoption agency, learn about potential issues facing children who have spent time in orphanages, find support groups in your area, and find current adoption-related news and publications.

International Adoption Process

To complete an international adoption, United States citizens must fulfill the requirements of the ... read more »

International Adoption Programs and Requirements

You may not have an initial preference as to the country from which to adopt, and that's OK. Some ... read more »

Adoption Home Study

All countries require the completion of an adoption home study before you adopt. The home study is ... read more »

International Adoption Costs

International adoption costs can range from about $10,000 to $30,000. Remember, these are only ... read more »

Find an Adoption Agency or Adoption Lawyer

You can handle adoption on your own or through an adoption agency or adoption lawyer. The decision ... read more »

Adoption Advice

One of the best resources for international adoption advice is other parents who have adopted. Join ... read more »

Adoption and Health

Special consideration should be taken by parents of adopted children to ensure that your child ... read more »

Adoption News

If you are considering international adoption you should try to keep up on what is happening with ... read more »

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