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Ever wish that your kids came with an owner's manual? You might not get your wish exactly, but you can read a favorite parenting magazine online, find tips from other parents about raising children, supplement your children's education, learn how to keep them healthy or get advice on talking to them about tough issues. Use the sites in this Parenting Web Guide to make your search quick and successful.

Parenting Help

With little ones running around, you probably don't have a great deal of time on your hands; the ... read more »

Age Specific Parenting Advice

The information or advice that you are searching for online will vary greatly depending on the age ... read more »

Raising Special Needs Children

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Family Fun Activities

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Choosing a Child Care Provider or Guardian

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How to Choose a School

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Children's Health

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How to Talk to Kids

There will come a time in every parent's life when kids start to bring up some of the more ... read more »

Connecting With Other Parents

Even the most experienced parents run into a situation they need some help with every once in a while: your child won't eat any vegetables, or has begun to bully other kids at school. The Internet provides a quick and easy way for parents to connect with each other and benefit from the common pool of knowledge and experience.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Even though some sites are geared specifically toward moms or dads, any parent can find advice on these sites.
  • You will find some communities specific to your child's age in the "Age Specific Parenting Advice" section of this guide.
  • Just like with any online community, be careful about how much personal information you provide to strangers on parent networking sites. Do not put yourself or your child in danger by being careless with the personal details of your life.

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