Marriage Resources

When the wedding-day celebrations end and the honeymoon draws to a close, all couples inevitably face the reality of life together-for better or for worse. Use these recommended sources to find out what a marriage entails from a practical point of view. Learn about your financial and legal rights as a spouse, and find online group support. This guide also provides resources for military spouses. Finally, if you are in need of some external help, you'll find directories to marriage counseling services as well. 

Have a Healthy Marriage

If you and your partner are considering marriage, there are some worthwhile resources to look into ... read more »

Money Management

Efficient money management is a key element to any successful marriage: one of the best ways to ... read more »

Marriage Law

Marriage is a legal union as much as a romantic or spiritual one, so it's important to know how ... read more »

Seek Marriage Advice

Forums and blogs are valuable sources for information on what other couples are doing: read about ... read more »

Couples Counseling

Whether you are having marriage troubles or just want to strengthen communication skills with your ... read more »

Resources for Military Spouses

Military spouses are in a unique position and have a particular set of issues in sustaining a ... read more »

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