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Online, you'll find tools to help you explore the myriad social and political aspects of being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Whether you want to know more about the coming-out experience, are looking for local community resources, want some GLBT activism opportunities, want to stay current on GLBT news and popular culture, are looking for fun things to do, or are looking for a date, the Web can provide access to whatever information or resources you need.

Coming Out Questions

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LGBT Community

The Internet has transformed GLBT people's ability to find community resources and each other. Prior to the Internet, it took a lot more legwork to find community, and it was particularly tough if you didn't live in a major city. Now you can find local, national, and international resources from the comfort of your home. Eventually, you'll still probably want to venture out-of-doors, of course.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Most major-and many smaller-cities have GLBT community centers. Depending on the size of the center, expect a range of program options, including support groups, counseling and health services, social activities, dating groups, and 12-step meetings.
  • The term "community" can refer to the larger GLBT community as a whole, or a smaller, more focused group.
  • Sometimes it's difficult to tell how inclusive a group is simply by its name (or acronym). Sometimes "gay and lesbian" is inclusive of bisexuals or transgender individuals and sometimes not. Sometimes "gay" means men and woman, and sometimes it means only men. Check out a group or resource's Web site for a more detailed description, or contact them using the e-mail address provided.

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LGBT Health and Parenting

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GLBT Travel and Other Activities

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GLBT Dating

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