Divorce Resources

Aside from the obvious personal difficulties, there are many practical considerations in a divorce. In this guide you'll find resources that will introduce the divorce process, provide you with legal resources, and offer guidance for managing your finances. You'll also find information about supporting your children, and tools to find counseling for yourself or your family. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.

Understand the Divorce Process

Statistics indicate that we all know someone, or many people, who are divorced, but only those who ... read more »

Find Divorce Help

There are a lot of legal considerations when going through a divorce, and at times your emotions ... read more »

Divorce Laws

In most cases you'll need a lawyer to assist with your divorce, but understanding divorce law and ... read more »

Division of Assets

Division of assets and managing finances are usually the greatest challenges in any divorce case. ... read more »

Children and Divorce

Whether you want to find better ways to talk to your children or learn how to maintain rules and ... read more »

Counseling Resources

Many couples and families going through divorce opt to visit a counselor: briefly, long term, ... read more »

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