Dealing with Death



Being part of a family takes a lot of work: keeping in touch with everyone, planning a wedding, working on your marriage, becoming a parent, and caring for your loved ones old and young can be a challenge greater than one person can handle. We've put together a collection of Web sites that can act as a family counselor, genealogist, storyteller, long-lost friend or relative finder, and even personal organizer.

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Dealing with Death

Although it may not be pleasant to think about your own passing, it is as certain as your taxes. And, much like your taxes, proper planning can make it much easier (emotionally and financially) on your entire family. The sites recommended below can help you prepare for your own death or deal with the death of a loved one.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Many of the sites listed below will provide information to help you plan for your own passing, but might also be useful if you have just experienced the loss of a loved one and are in need of resources to help you plan the funeral or cope with loss.
  • If you are looking for life insurance, most insurance providers have Web sites where you can read information about policies and even compare quotes. To find your preferred provider search for its name in a search engine such as Yahoo! or
  • For some, the thought of death brings about questions about religion. For religious resources or more information about religion in general, see the findingDulcinea Religion Web Guide.

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