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Being part of a family takes a lot of work: keeping in touch with everyone, planning a wedding, working on your marriage, becoming a parent, and caring for your loved ones old and young can be a challenge greater than one person can handle. We've put together a collection of Web sites that can act as a family counselor, genealogist, storyteller, long-lost friend or relative finder, and even personal organizer.

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Wedding and Marriage Resources

No matter if you are newly engaged or if you are getting ready to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary, there are always questions about how to keep your relationship running smoothly, or how to plan a wedding or anniversary celebration—even how to manage your and your spouse's finances. No matter what your marital query, you'll find several resources on the Internet.

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  • If you have a favorite advice or how-to show, or if you like a famous advice giver (Dr. Phil or Dr. Ruth, for example) you will probably be able to find them online (and perhaps read some advice) with a quick search for their name in a search engine.

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