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Being part of a family takes a lot of work: keeping in touch with everyone, planning a wedding, working on your marriage, becoming a parent, and caring for your loved ones old and young can be a challenge greater than one person can handle. We've put together a collection of Web sites that can act as a family counselor, genealogist, storyteller, long-lost friend or relative finder, and even personal organizer.

Research Family History

Researching your genealogy is about more than becoming your family's own private detective. Your ancestry can help you determine your risk for certain health problems, find long-lost relatives, and even unearth a distant connection to a royal family. Well, maybe finding fourth cousins and a history of heart disease are more likely than discovering your rightful claim to the Welsh throne, but you can always hope.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • The Census Bureau does not make census information about individuals publicly available until 72 years after it is collected. For more information from the Census Bureau, take a look at this site.
  • Starting a search for your family's history is a good time to ask an older relative about the good old days. See if you can get specific names, dates, and details about your family's history that may help you discover more family later on. The more specific your information is to begin with, the easier your search will be.
  • Checking online family trees might be more helpful than you think. If you share a common ancestor with another genealogist, some of your work may already have been done for you.

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