Science Fiction and Fantasy

There was a time when the idea of a world-wide system linking people and computers might have been straight out of the pages of the latest science fiction magazine. No surprise then, that science fiction and fantasy fans, writers, editors, artists, and more have taken to the Internet in large numbers from the time of the early bulletin board discussion groups to the instant messaging, blogs, and chat rooms of today. Whether you're new to science fiction and fantasy and want to know more, have a favorite writer you'd like to know more about, are looking for information on actors, movies, and TV shows, or would like to meet people who share the same interests in science fiction and fantasy as you do, the Internet is the perfect place to find out what you need to know.

Fantasy and Science Fiction History and News

Over the years, a whole culture has grown up around people's love of and appreciation for fantasy ... read more »

Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazines and Books

For science fiction and fantasy writers, magazines, whether in print or online, are a place to try ... read more »

Sci-Fi TV

Science fiction has been on the screen since television was first born. Classic shows like The ... read more »

Fantasy and Science Fiction Films

Science fiction and fantasy in movies have a huge following. Every summer blockbuster season seems ... read more »

Science Fiction and Fantasy Art

As soon as science fiction and fantasy began to be published, books needed cover art and stories ... read more »

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

Just because the content you produce will be imaginative and often unreal doesn't mean you don't ... read more »

Author Web sites

On their Web sites and blogs, writers use the opportunity to talk about subjects beyond what they ... read more »

Sci-Fi Fandom

Since the Internet began, fantasy and science fiction fans have used e-mail lists, bulletin boards, ... read more »

Science Fiction Conventions

While you may see some fans dressed up in costumes, the average science fiction or fantasy ... read more »

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