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Anyone who’s played a video game knows they can be addictive, and this guide will help you support your habit. Read about new games and consoles, get reviews and cheat codes, connect to other enthusiasts via blogs and forums, find arcades and play games for free online.

Video Game News and Media

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Video Game and Console Reviews

There are four major video game systems that dominate the market: Nintendo’s Wii, ... read more »

Buying and Renting Video Games

Buying and renting video games online is very easy and convenient to do; you no longer have to hop ... read more »

Tips, Hints and Cheat Codes for Video Games

Sometimes, beating a video game requires a little help! Luckily, the Internet has a wealth of sites ... read more »

Games and Arcades

Video game arcades are a haven for those who miss those “old-fashioned” games of the ... read more »

Online Video Games

There are dozens upon dozens of sites that offer free online video games. Most of these free games are nowhere near as complex as the ones you buy for consoles, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less fun, either. Free online video games are a great alternative for those who don’t want to pay the $30–$70 price tag for console video games.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Be wary of sites that require you to pay for a subscription after a certain amount of time; there are plenty of sites that offer truly free games.
  • In many cases, you have to download the games in order to play them. Make sure your computer has enough memory.

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