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Some experts consider play time to be work for children, a critical part of their development. As work, kids need the right tools to get the job done well: good toys. We've selected some helpful Web sites that can teach you the importance of "child's play" and how to equip your kids with safe toys that will keep them happy, engaged, and active.

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Toy Organization

If you’ve ever walked barefoot into your child’s room and stepped on a pointy toy, you understand the irritation that comes from owning more toys than your kids know what to do with. Before you add another room onto the house to accommodate your kids’ stuff, review the following Web sites for ideas about organizing the toys in your home and getting rid of the unused toys.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Many state and local programs request toy donations for kids. Type your city or state name and "toy donation programs" into a search engine to find a program in your area. Also check with hospitals or charities such as the Ronald McDonald House, which may also need new or gently used toys.
  • If toys aren’t the only things in your home that could be better organized, see our findingDulcinea Home Organization Guide for other helpful tips about organizing your child's room (and the rest of your home).

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