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 Now anyone with a high-speed Internet connection can find out what's on TV, watch a favorite show online, and read about the stars that make it great. In this guide, you'll learn about the history of television, how to find reviews, and how to keep your kids safe while watching cable. You can even learn about the pixels and wires that make the whole thing work.

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Watch TV online

The days of scrambling home from school, cutting dinners short, or not making plans on the night of your favorite show are a thing of the past. With nothing more than a standard Internet browser (that's right, no annoying plug-ins to download) you can surf your way to quality programming using your mouse as the remote.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • ABC, NBC, and CBS all have high-quality video players showing each station's top shows. And don't miss, of course, the ever-expanding YouTube universe. As you download a show to watch, however, press pause and let the video load fully before you watch it; otherwise, you'll have to deal with choppy streaming and slow-moving images.
  • The shows you watch will likely be interrupted by advertising spots about three times per episode. You'll notice upon opening the player that you can watch individual episodes only until the next commercial. To combat this, try fast-forwarding from commercial to commercial or watching all of them first, and then returning to the beginning to view the whole episode.
  • If you're a video-blogger, budding director, pod-caster, or producer, you should explore independent television as a way to broadcast your work.

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