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 Now anyone with a high-speed Internet connection can find out what's on TV, watch a favorite show online, and read about the stars that make it great. In this guide, you'll learn about the history of television, how to find reviews, and how to keep your kids safe while watching cable. You can even learn about the pixels and wires that make the whole thing work.

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Research TV Shows and TV

Ever watch a show and say to yourself, "I know that actor, but where have I seen him?" The Web makes watching TV a richer experience, allowing you to do some background research into your favorite shows, actors, directors, scriptwriters and more. Research all of the Hollywood resumes that interest you, or read a recap of a show you missed. Use some of the sites provided to research the origins and history of television-including how it works and what early TV sets looked like, for example.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you want to learn about a show that's still running, and know which station it airs on, visit the show's official homepage. To do this, either enter the show's name into a traditional search engine, or go to the network homepage for a link to the show.
  • If you miss an episode and can't catch it online, visit the episode guides provided by most show homepages. These guides summarize recent plot developments, and are a good way to keep up with a series if you've missed a show or two.

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