The Best Shows on TV



 Now anyone with a high-speed Internet connection can find out what's on TV, watch a favorite show online, and read about the stars that make it great. In this guide, you'll learn about the history of television, how to find reviews, and how to keep your kids safe while watching cable. You can even learn about the pixels and wires that make the whole thing work.

The Best Shows on TV

Although there's a wealth of entertaining and informative content on TV, there is also no shortage of bad programming. With so much available, and an ever-rotating lineup of new favorites, it can be hard to keep track. Never fear: we've compiled a list of resources-including valuable advice from major media sources, blogs, and more-to help you figure it out.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • A great place to go for reviews and advice on what to watch is the arts section of your favorite paper. The "Television" section of the New York Times offers TV news, reviews and recaps, as well as a guide to weekly programming. The  Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times (to name a few), offer similar resources.
  • Awards like the Emmys and the Golden Globes are given to the best shows and actors on television. Review the lists of nominees and winners to watch the best of the best-at least according Hollywood insiders.
  • Bloggers are on top of the latest shows and tend to be quite opinionated. Visit blogs for enthusiastic, humorous and sometimes sarcastic reviews of the latest shows. Yes, tastes differ, but as you begin to read a few blogs regularly, you'll figure out which author's opinions align mostly closely with your own.

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