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Whether you're aspiring to join the ranks of professional song writers or simply want to find an open mic at which to play your latest tune, a large and varied songwriting community exists to satisfy song writers of all skill and experience levels. The Internet contains a wealth of information applicable to everyone, from the dabbling novice to the meticulous expert.

Songwriting Basics

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The Craft of Songwriting

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Performance Opportunities

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Music Publishing, Music Licensing, and Music Copywriting

The business arm of songwriting is as varied as the creative side. Artists who have moved beyond playing for tips are best served by joining a performing rights organization and learning about copyright laws, standard publishing deals, and the intricacies of music licensing. If you are actively recording your work for radio and television broadcast, you may want to register your songs. Likewise, if you need to find out who wrote and owns one of your all-time favorites, you will most likely find the information at a performing rights organization.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • A performing rights organization (PRO) is designed to represent songwriters and publishers and protect their right to be compensated for their music. Performers, writers, and publishers join and register their work with the PROs, while music users buy licenses from the organizations for the rights to use the work.

  • Read up on all the PROs to see which is best for your kind of music and your goals. The sites listed below highlight the industry standards.
  • Memberships to these organizations come with many other benefits, including industry discounts, insurance, travel discounts, and regular meetings and networking events.
  • You can join, pay dues, look up song credits, and register songs online.
  • Publishing rights organizations all have valuable search engines you can use to find song credits by affiliated member artists.

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