Songwriters' Festivals and Songwriters' Conferences



Whether you're aspiring to join the ranks of professional song writers or simply want to find an open mic at which to play your latest tune, a large and varied songwriting community exists to satisfy song writers of all skill and experience levels. The Internet contains a wealth of information applicable to everyone, from the dabbling novice to the meticulous expert.

Songwriting Basics

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The Craft of Songwriting

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Performance Opportunities

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Songwriters' Festivals and Songwriters' Conferences

Songwriting conferences allow songwriters the opportunity to network with a wider circle of contacts. Most of these gatherings feature listening sessions with music buyers and record label heads, as well as performance showcases and panel discussions with professional artists and music business representatives. The sites listed below offer information on upcoming festivals and conferences, as well as archives from past events.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • While a select few songwriters are often discovered at these events and score a coveted record deal, these conferences are networking opportunities for all levels of working artists first and foremost.
  • Many of the regional associations listed above host their own conferences. Note that the sites below are larger events geared to the global songwriting and folk music communities, rather than the pop, indie, and rock and roll communities.

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