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Photography can be a method of documenting news to share it with the world or capturing moments of your life to enhance your own memories. Or photography can be an art form focused on creation, expression, and experimentation. Whatever the basis of your interest in photography, the Internet is your starting point for finding what you want to know. Whether you're just starting to learn about technique or thinking about offering your own photographs for sale, this guide will show you where to look for the information you need.

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Share and print photos

A variety of Web sites exist that allow you to upload and share your photos. Some provide an interface primarily for the purpose of organizing and sharing (emailing snapshots to your family and friends, for instance). Others are more "gallery" oriented, allowing you to upload your best pictures to share with a wider range of people for feedback and critique. These are recommended if you're serious about improving your technique or your primary purpose in taking photos isn't simply documenting your life's moments.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Some photo sharing and storage Web sites offer premium services for a fee, but the free Web sites offer enough services to satisfy most. Others provide a limited amount of free storage and require a monthly or yearly fee for usage above that amount. Test-drive a few different sites to see which appeal to your needs.
  • Most Web sites have a system that allows you to order prints to be delivered by mail. These are comparable to the quality of typical in-store prints, and in some cases you can even pick them up at a store.
  • Some Web sites that use a gallery format for showing off your best photos or those that exist for the purpose of critique may require you to apply for membership and be approved rather than simply register to use them. There is generally little advantage to them compared to the free Web sites.

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