Playing the Guitar


Playing the Guitar

A solo classical guitarist, a slide guitar bluesman and a heavy metal lead guitarist may play wildly different types of music, but they share a common instrument: the good old guitar. The resources in this guide can help you learn how to play guitar, find guitar news and magazines, buy guitars and guitar gear, find guitar festivals and conferences, and get connected with the vibrant guitar community online.

Learn to Play Guitar

John (Cougar) Mellencamp said it best: “You may find a cushy job and I hope that you go far / ... read more »

Guitar News and Magazines

Reading about guitars and guitar-related gear is almost as much fun as playing the guitar. Use the ... read more »

Buying a Guitar and Guitar Accessories

Finding a guitar that suits your tastes and your budget can be a challenge, but shopping online can ... read more »

Guitar Festivals and Conferences

Tired of playing guitar alone in your bedroom? It’s time to head out and connect with other ... read more »

The Guitar Community

The Web boasts an active community of guitar enthusiasts who are eager to share their knowledge and ... read more »

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