Types of Film Festivals


Film Festivals

Film festivals are great opportunities to view films that you wouldn't necessarily catch at your local multiplex. With the help of the Internet, you can investigate the many types of film festivals. Once you've located your niche, check schedules, purchase tickets, or even watch films online. You'll also learn how to submit your own work to festivals and keep up with film festival news. The only thing you'll have to find on your own is a tight black turtleneck.

Film Festival Basics

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Types of Film Festivals

Even a cursory glance of the search results of the term "film festival" on the Internet reveals that there are literally dozens of different kinds of festivals, and that they take place in practically every major city in the world. There are animated film festivals and children's film festivals, horror film festivals, and short-film festivals. Some festivals are competitive, meaning that the films are judged by a panel and prizes are awarded, while other festivals are merely chances to celebrate different types of film. As you begin to search online for film festival information, you'll slowly be able to narrow your search to the types of festivals which interest you most. For example, do you want to attend festivals in the United States or abroad? Do you want to attend festivals with films directed by professionals or by amateurs? It's up to you, and the Internet can help you find just the information you need.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you plan on traveling to a festival, consider purchasing your tickets online or in advance to ensure that you don't arrive only to find that the film you want to see is sold out.
  • If you're booking travel to a festival and would like assistance with airfare and hotels, visit the findingDulcinea Travel Guide. Or, take advantage of sites that offer their own travel guidelines-many provide information about nearby hotels and transportation options.
  • Festival sites usually provide submission guidelines and information as well as schedules and general information, so filmmakers, as well as movie-goers and fans, can make use of the specific listings below.
  • Make sure the information you're reading is current. For example, right after a film festival, the dates for the following year might not be up yet. In other cases, information from past years is left up online, so read closely.

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Online Film Festivals

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Film Festival News, Reviews, and Forums

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