Passover: History, Traditions, Seders and Food

Passover, or Pesach, celebrates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, where they were slaves. The holiday has also come to symbolize and commemorate various types of individual, political and social freedom in modern times. Although there are basic laws and traditions, Passover can be a personalized celebration. The veritable cornucopia of Haggadahs available indicates the many ways to observe the holiday; every family celebrates in their own fashion. Learn about the basic traditions and choose some new ones to spice up your holiday.

History and Traditions of Passover

Passover primarily celebrates the Jews’ exodus from Egypt, but it’s also a celebration ... read more »

The Passover Seder

Although Passover is observed for eight days, only the first two days are celebrated with a ... read more »

Kosher for Passover Foods

Passover is one of the most important holidays on the Jewish calendar, and a joyous celebration of ... read more »

Passover Wine

During the Passover seder, one of the rituals involves drinking four cups of wine. Even people who ... read more »

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