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Recommit to Your New Year's Resolutions

As we ring in the new year, millions of people make resolutions to change their lives for the better, hoping to lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with their families or make other life improvements. The Web can aid you on your journey, with advice, resources and inspiration that will help you follow through with—or recommit to—your New Year's resolutions.

Advice About New Year’s Resolutions

The act of making New Year’s resolutions has existed for over 4,000 years, but so has the act ... read more »

Get in Better Shape

Getting into better shape is the most common New Year’s resolution. Whether you’re ... read more »

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking improves the health of your entire body and saves hundreds (sometimes thousands) ... read more »

Get Your Finances in Order

To celebrate the New Year, the Babylonians would lower their debt by returning a piece of farm ... read more »

Continue Your Education

Just because you’re out of school doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. The Web is ... read more »

Become More Religious or Spiritual

If you want to spend the upcoming year getting more in touch with your spiritual side, let the ... read more »

Spend More Time With Your Kids

Saying you’ll spend more time with your kids is the easy part; the real challenge is figuring ... read more »

Get More Involved With Charity

The holiday season inspires many to help people around them and make the world a better place. The Web can help you carry the spirit of the holiday season through the coming year by showing you opportunities to donate your time and money to charities and those who need help.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Although most of these sites need volunteers to give time and specific resources, like care package materials, all of the organizations in this section can also benefit from financial contributions. If you don’t have time to offer, make a tax-deductible donation instead. Most organizations in this guide allow you to make donations by credit card online with just a few clicks.
  • There are thousands of causes and organizations out there. If you're feeling stretched thin, remember that there are other ways to help besides donating money or volunteering. Check out the community Web sites to help connect others with your causes.
  • When using your credit card to make a donation online, check the security of the site by looking at its trusted privacy policy, making sure the site address starts with “https” (the “s” is for “secure”). The organization might be nonprofit, but cyber-thieves certainly are not. For more information on using your credit card securely online read the findingDulcinea Internet Security Web Guide.

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Help the Environment

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be just about bettering yourself; you can also ... read more »

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