History of Dance


Dance: History and Performance

Dancers spend endless hours a day perfecting their craft, but you don’t need toil quite as hard for good dance information online.  Delve into dance history with pictures, biographies and timelines. Get expert opinions and breaking dance news from arts newspapers and dance magazines. Or buy dance performance tickets and make your own judgments. Then, chat about what you’ve learned with others on dance news and forums.

History of Dance

Below, you’ll find sources that offer a dance history overview or go into greater depth. Explore dance timelines, dancer biographies, and primary sources that provide information on ballet history, the history of modern dance and the history of African-American dance.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • For more information about a specific dancer, enter his or her name into a search engine and see if the dancer has a personal homepage.
  • Dance company Web sites often provide their own history as well as a bit of history pertaining to the type of dance they perform. Look for a list of dance companies at CyberDance.

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For a history of African-American dance …
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