Buying, Selling and Swapping Books Online


Books: Discover, Read, Publish and Buy Literature Online

If the neighborhood bookstore never has what you want and the big chains are too overwhelming to navigate, try finding another source to get your literature fix. Let the Internet be your new books guru: buy, sell or trade new and used books, connect with other readers who share your interests, read reviews and find all kinds of literary news.

Buying, Selling and Swapping Books Online

If you're in the market for buying, selling and swapping books online, this section can help you find what you need. The Internet is loaded with opportunities to purchase new books, used books, e-books or even rare books.

Insights for Buying, Selling and Swapping Books Online

  • If you're selling books online, list your collection on at least two of the major reselling services. Just don't forget to delete duplicate listings after you've made a sale.
  • If you're interested in book swapping, look on a few swapping sites for books that you're interested in before investing the time and effort in listing and mailing your own books out.

Top Sites for Buying, Selling and Swapping Books Online

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Online Book Clubs and Social Networks

The Internet is filled with online book clubs and social networks as well as opportunities for you to meet people from around the world who share your taste in books.

Insights for Online Book Clubs and Social Networks

  • You'll also find forums for discussing books on the sites of bigger book sellers, such as Barnes & Noble.
  • Social networking sites aren't just for readers. They're also a useful tool for new writers looking to share and promote their work.

Top Sites for Online Book Clubs and Social Networks

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For online book clubs ...
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Book News and Reviews

The breadth of literary reading material to be found online allows you to keep up with book news and reviews quickly and cheaply without leaving home.

Insights for Book News and Reviews

  • If you're a member of a social networking site, other members may post sources of book news and reviews that are worth looking into.
  • In all likelihood, your favorite magazine or newspaper has an Arts and Literature section.

Top Sites for Book News and Reviews

For online-only news ...
For online versions of print papers ...
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Literary Events

The Internet is a great resource for learning about literary events in your area. Whether you want to attend a reading, a Q&A or a book festival, the information you need is on the Web.

Insights for Literary Events

  • Time Out is a cultural events guide that's available for several international cities. Search the listings to see what's going on each week.
  • Local newspapers are also an excellent place to check for literary events. They often have online versions that enable you to do quick searches in your location for upcoming events.

Top Sites for Literary Events

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Community Links in Books

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