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Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources: A Web Guide for Educators

The Internet can help busy educators find valuable teaching resources for every aspect of teaching. Although there are many sites that claim to provide teaching resources, some are hard to find, some are quite expensive and some are just plain bad. This Teaching Resources Web Guide shows you where to find the best sites on the Web.

Looking for lesson plans, activities and printable worksheets for a particular subject? Visit our Education Web Guide to find specific guides for a wide range of subjects and grade levels.

Cyber-plagiarism has become a very serious and, unfortunately, somewhat common problem among students. Visit our Plagiarism Prevention Web Guide for resources to use with students on how to cite a source, and sites to help you detect plagiarism.

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General Teaching Resources

Faced with a generation of students who are growing up with the Internet, cell phones and iPods, teachers have the difficult task of keeping students engaged in school. Even the most organized educators can benefit from the quality teaching resources found online.

Insights for General Teaching Resources

  • Some bad looking sites are full of excellent educational resources. Although findingDulcinea usually weeds out sites for especially poor design, we've made some exceptions here to help bring you as much useful information as possible.

Top Sites for General Teaching Resources

For online technology resources ...
For directories of teaching resources ...
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Learning Tools for Students

Educators only have a few hours a day to teach their classes and many are only able to spend a few minutes a day with each student individually. Providing online learning tools for students is one way to help every child in the classroom.

It's important for students to develop a working knowledge of Internet safety and appropriate Internet use as soon as they begin using the Web. For additional Web safety information and tools, see our Internet Safety for Kids Web Guide.

Insights for Learning Tools for Students

  • Consider setting up a classroom Web site so that parents can check for homework assignments or student progress. You might also give parents a list of the sites you think might help students with homework or specific subjects in school.

Top Sites for Learning Tools for Students

For homework helpers ...
For kid-friendly search and reference ...
Who knew?
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The Education Community

No one understands the daily challenges you face as a teacher better than other teachers. The Web is home to a vibrant education community made up of teachers that are happy to pool their knowledge.

Insights for the Education Community

  • Connect with real-life communities (such as teachers unions) in the virtual world. A group's Web site is an easy way to stay up to date with the organization's latest news and events.
  • As with any social networking site, be cautious about giving away personal information to strangers. And never post student names or any sensitive information about your students online without explicit parental permission.

Top Sites for the Education Community

For a teachers union or organization ...
To exchange resources with other teachers ...
For message boards and communities ...
To start your own blog ...
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Professional Development for Teachers

The Internet has lots to offer in terms of professional development for teachers. Use the links below to find articles, online courses and even video or audio clips of other educators in action.

Top Sites for Professional Development for Teachers

For professional development resources or courses ...
To see or hear other teachers in action ...
To develop your Internet or technology skills for the classroom ...
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Education News and Opinion

Keeping up to date with education news and opinion is important to many educators. With an already busy schedule, the Internet can be a fast and cheap way to make sure you don't miss any important developments in the world of education.

Insights for Education News and Opinion

  • Try the online education section of a national newspaper, such as The New York Times' Education section. For education news specific to your area, try the online version of your local newspaper.
  • Blogs can be a good place to look for education news and information because they often provide summaries of news as well as commentary about what's going on.
  • To find even more education blogs, try using a blog search engine like Technorati.

Top Sites for Education News and Opinion

For general education news ...
For news about technology in education ...
For state regulation and statistical information ...
For blogs written by other educators ...
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