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Shakespeare: Resources on the Man and His Work

“He was not for an age but for all time,” Ben Jonson declared in the dedication to the 1623 First Folio of the plays of William Shakespeare. His poetry and plays are still published, produced, discussed, translated and analyzed in the 21st century, but Shakespeare himself remains the subject of speculation and mystery. Use this Web Guide to Shakespeare to examine the man and the controversies, as well as his work and its central place in English-speaking culture today.

William Shakespeare’s Life

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Shakespeare’s Works

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Shakespeare’s Authorship

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The Age of Shakespeare

Shakespeare lived and worked between 1564 and 1616, placing him squarely in the long and important reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603). The period—the age of Shakespeare—was shaped by Queen Elizabeth’s indomitable spirit, and is considered something of a golden age for English literature. Shakespeare is often at the forefront of our minds as an example of and great influence on Elizabethan England; read on to learn how his era influenced him in turn.

Insights for the Age of Shakespeare

  • Reading Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets almost 400 years after they were written can be an alienating experience. But learning a little about the tastes, expectations, opinions, politics and society of the time can make Shakespeare’s deeper truths much more accessible.

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Shakespeare’s Plays

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Shakespeare and the English Language

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