Teaching Resources for Middle School Math

Middle School Math

Middle School Math: Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents

The Middle School Math Web Guide offers the best online resources for pre-algebra, algebra and geometry, including explanations of basic concepts and tutorials on advanced skills. Whether you’re a student looking for middle school math help, a teacher interested in extending a lesson for a class of seventh graders, or a parent struggling with the challenge of helping your child with a topic you haven’t studied in years, you’ll find everything you need in the Middle School Math Web Guide.

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Student Resources for Middle School Math

In middle school, you’re learning fractions and decimals, and the basics of algebra and ... read more »

Teaching Resources for Middle School Math

Use the sites below to find lesson plans and teaching resources for middle school math students at different learning levels. You'll also find online games and activities that can help students with math and computer literacy at the same time.

Insights for Middle School Math Teaching Resources

  • Many Web sites that are unattractive or hard to navigate are full of good educational resources. Although findingDulcinea usually weeds out sites for poor design, we’ve made some exceptions here to bring you as much information as possible.
  • We also usually avoid recommending sites that are directories of links to other sites. In our education guides, we make exceptions to this rule in order to provide as much helpful content as possible. Make sure to approach every directory with caution and evaluate the links before using a tool in the classroom.
  • Check the “Student Resources for Middle School Math” section of this Web guide for more Web sites to use in the classroom.

Top Sites for Middle School Math Teaching Resources

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For high-achieving math students …
For math students that need extra help …
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Parent Resources for Middle School Math

In middle school, your child may need your help with concepts you haven’t studied since you ... read more »

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