Resources for Middle School English Teachers

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Middle School English

Taking the lessons of elementary school language arts a step further, middle school English asks students to take a closer look at what they read and clearly convey their ideas. Fortunately, the Internet offers an endless supply of resources for students, parents and teachers. Use the Middle School English Web Guide to cut through the clutter and find informative reference sites, curriculum guidelines and additional practice.

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Student Resources for Middle School English

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Resources for Middle School English Teachers

Middle school English teachers have an endless supply of resource and community sites to choose from. This section highlights the best sites for lesson plans, worksheets and other help addressing the reading, grammar and research needs of middle school students.

Insights for Middle School English Teaching Resources

  • The “Student Resources for Middle School English” section of this Web guide has several more sites offering games and activities that can be incorporated into language arts lessons.
  • Our Teaching Resources Web Guide provides advice, suggestions and more general information to help get the most out of your classroom setting.

Top Sites for Middle School English Teaching Resources

For language arts standards and advice …
For language arts lesson plans and printables …
For literary guides  …
For writing help …
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Parent Resources for Middle School English

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